Live in the Moment

Live in the Moment



Shirt – Thrifted / Skirt – MRP / Boots – Legit / Socks – Pep / Watch – Casio

Happy New Year!

I write this blog post seated in my new apartment, i hope everyone had a well rested break and enjoyed the Christmas Holidays.

My very warm summer holiday was spent driving along some of South Africa’s most beautiful roads, landscapes and finally exploring the Karoo. The highlight of the trip has to be my time spent in Cape Town, i can’t stop gushing about how stunning this City is. The little vintage treasures we found in the many thrift stores in Woodstock gave me some much needed inspiration for my new home.

I have some really exciting content ideas for the blog, i have not been the most constant with this platform, but i promise to do at least one post a week, that’s actually one of my new year’s resolutions. I also want to focus on interior decor and some exciting DIY video’s and maybe a YouTube channel, once i have all the vlogging equipment.

I’m really excited about the year ahead, i just know that God has an amazing plan not just for me, but for you reading this post. This year for me will be about growing up, lots of traveling ,growing spiritually and improving my health and fitness levels.

I have to apologize for the bland content, but i felt i needed to update everyone on whats been happening lately.

About the look: You know me and vintage and if it’s your first time on the Analogue African, hello my name is Vuyolwethu Hole and i’m an avid vintage shopper, it’s a problem, at a times a great problem.

I’ve always loved colours and prints and this thrift-ed shirt was the perfect print to wear with this skirt, i know the ‘clean and minimal’ trend is a hit at the moment, i’m sorry but i will always be a colourful soul. Print clashing and all, the skirt was an amazing find from Mr Price and the boots are from Legit.

I look forward to what the year has in store and can’t wait to spend more time working on my baby (the blog)

Your is Peace, Love and Happiness

God Bless




Hopping into Spring

Hopping into Spring


Dress – Babette Clothing / Watch – The FIX / Beret – Vintage / Shoes – Legit / Bag – Vibes

Hello my wonderful readers, I’ve been so busy and have neglected the blog but don’t despair your girl is back 🙂

I prayed for you every day, hoping that you might come back to me. I would hold a candle in the wind hoping that it would not blow away. Searching through endless streets, sobbing to ‘Cold’s Play – Yellow’. Coming to the realization that you were gone, never having hope that you were coming back.

Flirting with boys who I knew would never win my heart, scribbling letter after letter professing my love. You were gone forever, like an eagle taking flight, the sun after dawn. You were gone and you took my heart and soul and every organ I intensely loved you with.

All I have are memories, your finger prints tracing a map of love on my back, my face, back and lips. A lingering pain in my heart and your scent all over my bedroom.

As you might have seen by my title it’s officially spring in South Africa whoop whoop this also does however mean my hay fever is going to start acting up. What I love about new seasons especially summer and winter, am the beautiful flowers, the longer days and nights and of course bright, bold and beautiful fashion.

About my outfit: I love this dress I bought from Babette Clothing, they have an incredible range of vintage dresses and this till this day this dress is on my top 10 list. The shoes are from Legit and they are super comfortable,I could run a marathon in these shoes, true story.

Till we meet again, God Bless


Mixed in Africa

Mixed in Africa




Shirt – Vintage / Shorts – Mr Price (old stock) / Shoes – Legit / Headscarf – Fochini / Earrings – Mr Price 

Hello my lovely readers

The warm African sun makes me think of all the wonderful, warm, tropical destinations in Africa, with my time spent chasing Government stories it leaves me no time to relinquish my itchy feet and seek after adventure.

Today’s blog post was inspired by my love for prints, textures and Africa. I’m sure by now you’re anticipating today’s content of the many adventurous stories so where do we begin?

As I lay here under the guava tree in my back yard, with the sun fading it dawns on me that there are many roads untraveled, so many places to discover, adventures to seek and stories to be told. I dream of destinations that give me the opportunity to travel far and wide using various modes of transport. I’ve dreamed of quad biking through the Namib Desert, driving through the Serengeti in Kenya and experiencing the best African wildlife has to offer. Riding a camel and learning about Egyptian history or prowling through the many spice filled markets and feasting on various Moroccan treats on offer.

Spying and watching the beauty of the Gorillas that can be found in the Congo’s Amazon Forrest’s, walking the many long, beautiful and clean coastal lines that can be found in Mozambique, Ghana, Mombasa, South Africa and many others. There’s no place I would much rather prefer to discover then all the beauty, secrets and stories Africa has to offer.

My outfit would be perfect for the many destinations I plan of traveling the clash of prints represent the diversity and cultures that Africa has to offer.

Do you have any interesting travel stories? I would love to hear from you.

Peace. Love. God




High waist pants – vintage/ Shoes – Legit (old stock) / Crop Top – Vintage / Hat – Legit (old stock) 

Hello Readers

Imagine you’re in Spain in the middle of the summer’s day, sun glaring in your face, you hear the rumbling beneath your feet and a raging stampede of bulls the thrill, the excitement, the danger.

Let’s get real thou I would not be caught alive anywhere new a pack of angry bulls but this editorial was inspired by Spain and the matadors. I’m all up for adventure as long as it does not involve risking my life.

The graffiti wall behind me takes me to the small narrow cobble stone streets of Barcelona the markets, the street performers, the old colourful and beautiful vintage architecture, like a love story abroad.

I’ve had the honour of working with Christine  Visser please follow the link and check out her amazing work. She’s one of my favourite photographers.

This shoot even though it was taken several years ago still remains to this day as one of my favourite shoots.

I plan on shooting a lot more fashion editorials inspired by my travels, my cultures and the various fashion eras. I can’t wait to get my creative juices flowing to produce some exciting content for the blog.

This is just a little teaser of what’s to come.

Peace and Love

God Bless