Lost in Wanderlust

Lost in Wanderlust


Jumpsuit – Fochini / Shoes – Fashion Express / Hat – MRP / Clutch – MRP 


Hello Readers

You said we could make this work, in a ragging laughter I kept calling you a kite, you know I only have as much access to you as natural forces would allow me.

You let me fly half way across the universe only to discover that your mind is made up, that you would rather explore the four corners of the earth alone without me.

The road less travelled is a long winding road with various destinations along the way, we find love and we lose it, we see a shooting a star and in a glimpse it’s gone.

We swim through endless streams only to arrive on the other side broken and lost, the beauty of being young is that we’re constantly fighting with our internal selves. We play with the notion of freedom yet suffer in anxiety when things don’t go according to plan.

My dear you’re young still dabbling in your 20s, you’re not in a race, take your time, dance in the rain, laugh uncontrollably at yourself, wake up and dress up like your about to give the best performance of your life. Commit to nothing and explore everything (almost).

Love like your heart depends on it and when you walk away as hard as it may seem sometimes find the strength to love what God has created, indulge in as many amazing dishes as possible, don’t fuss about your weight too much curvy is also very cute.

Live your life, walk on the edge and don’t ever forget to smile and take those risks even if they don’t pay off you would have learned something new about yourself.

We recently celebrated Youth Mouth here in South Africa so to all the young people create your own oasis and chase after those dreams, dare to dream bigger each day.

About the look: I found this amazing striped jumpsuit at the sale section in Fochini, it’s the perfect piece for any occasion and any season. It was really hot this weekend and i wanted to go for a resort look.

The hat, the shoes and the clutch bag i feel are the perfect accessories to balance the slightly busy jumpsuit.

I really hope you enjoyed this look and post, please let me know what you think.

Yours in Love, Peace and Freedom

God Bless


70s Fling

70s Fling


Dress – Mr Price / Coat – Choice Clothing / Hoops – Mr Price / Shoes – Fashion Express
Shoes – Fashion Express

Hello Readers

There’s something quite flirty about the 70s it was really a time where the world was groovy and free. I often sit alone and think to myself what does freedom mean to me? What is freedom?

We live in a world where so many people are fighting some kind of battle and these battles often take place in the mind. We at times feel trapped and caged in like there are no solutions or other ways out.

I battled with this feeling at various stages in my life and as I grow older and wiser I’m starting to realize what freedom equates to happiness and a sense of peace in life.

Freedom to me means the ability to make choices in life, to choose my path or to walk in the path that God has mapped out for me, freedom is a choice and a really big responsibility and we have the freedom to choose and to make the right choices. We also have the freedom to correct the mistakes we have made in life.

Freedom is the sight of the sunrise so early in the morning, dancing in the rain during the summer, receiving love in any form, dancing to the rhythm of your heart beat. Being creative, finding new place, discovering and meeting new face.

Freedom is love in all its facets, freedom is beautiful, it’s free and it belongs to you and me.

I found these really amazing shoes at Fashion Express, i think this might be my new favorite store , the dress is from Mr Price and i’m absolutely crazy about the bell sleeves and the floral the print. The high neck line of the dress also allows you to wear a polo neck underneath if it gets really chilly, since its winter in South Africa.

The faux fur coat was really a bargain at a store called Choice Clothing in the CBD in East London while walking home it caught my eye on the shop window. I feel beautiful and free in this look.

I hope you have a freedom filled week

Your in love, peace and freedom

God Bless


African Bohemian

African Bohemian


Jumpsuit – Mr Price / Mules – Jet Fashion / Waistcoat – Vintage / Headscarf – Vintage

Hello readers

We celebrated Africa Day on the 25 May and it just really got me thinking for the longest time I never truly embraced my Xhosa heritage. I battled with this for the longest time. I recall a time when I was in grade one and my best friend Tegwin use to suck at her stringy blonde locks during class and I found this weirdly fascinating. For as long as I could remember I always wanted to be like all my Caucasian friends, to tell you truth I was the only black girl in my group of girlfriends growing up. The words ‘coconut’, ‘oreo’, ‘white girl’ followed me wherever I went.

The way I spoke my own language was never good enough for the black children in my school, they assumed I was better than them, more privileged because I did not live in the township and they had a problem with the fact that I was picked up by my grandmother from school every day.

Even when I look at my former dating life the very first boy I ever had a crush on was Steven and my best friend had a crush on his twin brother Kyle. Tegwin and I would sit on the playground talking about double dating the twins, where we would go and what we would talk about. The only time I really knew I was black was when my aunt refused to buy me jelly shoes and opted to get me leather shoes instead, going back home from school really put a lot of things in perspective for me, but I still battled to fit my culture into my everyday life.

I was the biggest fan of the spice girls and whenever we would play Spice girls at aftercare my friends always insisted I be ‘Scary Spice’ and I would plain out refuse or I would sit out and watch. I was not willing to be the black girl in the Spice girls. I want to be Emma Bunting “Baby Spice” from the Spice Girls.

The latter years of High School were spent with a few of the women I still call friends today they were all black and my best friend Pelisa who was mixed race we were also scrutinized because we as a group of young black women spoke really good English so good they called us fake.

I truly came to embrace who I am when I visited family in London I spent six months in Canning Town, London living with my family (my aunt and my uncle) who are a mixed Xhosa and Congolese family. Living with my culturally diverse family I really learned to embrace who I am and my Xhosa culture and roots. While my uncle spoke French in the house, my aunt and I spoke Xhosa every day and my cousin only knew how to speak English it’s not real English thou it’s a street version of English called cockney/London slang.

London is a country with a melting pot of cultures and nationalities and it really makes you appreciate where you come from. I arrived at the realization that coming from the country and culture that I do is such a privilege and I didn’t come across one African national living in London who was not proud of where they come from, the various languages they could speak, the amazing African delicacies they ate daily and the strict cultural upbringing, morals and values they had adapted living in a first world country.

I found myself tweeting in Xhosa and listening to African artists all my friends back home were quite surprised but I was indeed coming into my own person. I also decided to cut off all my stringy, limp relaxed hair and decided to be natural and embrace the hair I was born with. You can call it a divine intervention, I call it growth and appreciation of who I am. I am no longer that black goth girl who listens to death metal and who wears all black or the girl who carried her skate board around with a ton of snap backs (I was an Avril Lavigne want to be at some stage) that was not really who I was, I was discovering various facets of who I was.

I am now a Xhosa farm girl from Hamburg and Peddie in the Eastern Cape, who can speak five languages (isiXhosa, English, Zulu, Sotho and Afrikaans) who can trace her ancestry as far back as Germany and Swaziland and yes I’m still discovering all the other cultures that fall in between.

I’ve learned in life never be afraid to come into your own embrace your beauty, your uniqueness, your mistakes and look forward to discovering more of who you are.

Yours in Peace, love and happy vibes

God Bless.

– Vuyolwethu Hole (meaning our Joy in isiXhosa), don’t ask about the surname i don’t know either


Winter has no chill

Winter has no chill

BOMB TINGBrighter is betterFaux furrr

Winter is coming closer and closer in the Southern Hemisphere and I’ve rounded up my top three favorite trends:

I’m not really a massive trend follower but these are just a few trends which I feel are timeless you should definitely invest in any of these pieces as these trends are here to stay.

Beat the winter chill in a trendy Bomber Jackets

The first trend that I’m really loving for winter has to be the Bomber Jacket this is a really versatile piece as you can wear it for all seasons weather it’s winter or summer and I feel it’s a really great laying piece for winter. You can pair the bomber  with some skinny jeans, a black polo neck or long sleeve t-shirt, your Adidas Superstars and throw on a cozy scarf.

There are a variety of bombers available from really light and silky to the puffier jackets, I would invest in both variations of jackets as I feel this 90s trend is here to stay. For warmer winter days you can pair the jacket with a velvet dress, some tights and boots.

Some celebrities that really rock this trend Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna.

Spice up your life with some color

Winter does not mean you have to be drenched in black, white and grey, why should winter be such drab. If you want to look comfy and make a statement at the same time, next time you go shopping opt out of buying a grey or black coat and try a mustard or royal blue color. A pop of color will really add that extra something special to an all-black outfit. If you’re not brave or aren’t keen on looking like a smarties box you can incorporate the trend as an accessory, so when your dressed in all black everything invest in a colorful beanie or buy a bright hand bag or hat that will take your look to the next level.

Some celebrities that really rock this trend are Julia Sarr Jamois, Miroslava Duma and Solange Knowles.

Be a boss chic in Faux Fur

Unfortunately the weather in South Africa is not cold enough to rock a head to toe faux fur look but boy do I love this trend, it just elevates my boss chic status. A light faux fur jacket could work really well with a velvet dress, a jumpsuit or paired with jeans and t-shirt to add that extra luxe factor to your look for the day.

Some celebrities that rock this trend are Kim Kardashian, Julia Sarr Jamois and Jennifer Lopez.

I really hoped you enjoyed the post tell me what your favorite winter trends are?

Peace, love and light

God Bless


Let him go!

Let him go!

Dear readers

Here’s another opinion piece i really hope you enjoy, please share your thoughts and comments below.

I don’t usually air my personal views about pre and/or post-apartheid politically aligned South African issues but please allow me. I may have not been in the energetic and passionate crowds of students who marched in Soweto that tragic day which would go down in history as Youth Day when Hector Peterson was gunned down by apartheid police. *(I mention this particular event as it’s symbolic as to how heavy the fight for racial integration and the liberated fight for freedom has been and still continues to be to this day.)

I may have not been there to soak in the horrors and screams of young students that would cement and place the youth of ’76 as great archetype leaders taking charge of their futures. Yet still it affected me and the millions of young black South Africans who are faced with a different fight and an equally crippling struggle.

So the question still remains should Janusz Waluś be set free? While I am pro Hani please note that my pro Hani does not pertain to the preconceived conspiracy that I am anti Mandela (long story).

After reading many forums, watching various documentaries and attentively listening to my father recall the day he actually met Chris Hani as a young anti-apartheid struggle visionary in Port Elizabeth, I noted how my father passionately described Hani as a man of character who possessed exceptional leadership qualities. A man to this day my daddy calls one of the greatest South African leaders that never got the opportunity to be a part of the change.

So while I sit here and read the countless number of articles and public opinions retrospectively speaking the most hated man by black South Africa both young and old. Should the Polish man who gunned down Chris Hani in his drive way in 1993, have his freedom or should the question be does he deserve his freedom?

Waluś has served his time in prison and his due to be released on parole quite soon I think the main contingent matter is not so much about his freedom. Letting Waluś go will be symbolic of not only the past but how his freedom represents the hope and the vision many South Africans still have about the former MK soldier leading the country till this day.

So by freeing Waluś we inevitably ‘kill that dream’, while opening up years and years of old wounds and scars of those leaders, supporters and spectators who have hoped that Hani would lead our country into liberation. To be quite honest I think Waluś should walk, now while expressing my opinion it may or may not pull at some heart strings, causing confusion and anger I say this with the greatest of sympathy taking into consideration the family and supporters (including myself) of Hani.

Simply holding on to the past will not contribute forward motion towards the future, if I have to comfortably place my feet in the shoes of Limpho Hani, widow of Hani I can’t imagine the amount of grief she must be facing at this particular time as all those long lost, some healed and others still widely open wounds must be chastising to her and her family. The death of one of the greatest militant leaders and the bird’s eye view of the South African context since the inauguration of Mandela leave many wondering and I mean many wondering including myself what the South African landscape would look like today.

Had we had the opportunity to have Hani lead the country into liberation, many questions arise as would the majority of South Africans still be living in squalor and extreme poverty, would my mother be living in her half completed RDP house, would the struggle I face daily for economic freedom be such a struggle even five years after graduating from my Alma Mater?

These are the beckoning questions that face many black South African’s daily, the current Government is constantly failing us, our so called president who is not shy of making a public spectacle of himself wastes no time in abusing tax payers money, watching parliamentary debates is like attending a comedy show mid-week. Yet still we are plagued with the questions would this be the case if Hani had lived and been given a chance to lead South Africans?

I don’t have the answers, no single person in this country does we will never know and maybe we were never meant to know, were still a very premature democracy, were in our early twenties, struggling, rebellious, still finding our feet in the global economic climate, Rome was not built in a day. But does Janzus Waluś deserve to rot in jail based on the dream that South Africans still carry about a Hani lead nation?

I think the answer is no! Let him go extending his time in prison will do nothing for the future of this country. I won’t sit here either and say the past is in the past because we are not yet uhuru(free)!

Prolonging a man’s stay in prison based on sentiment when he has clearly served his time won’t change the context of South Africa, yes Janzus is a monster for ending one of the greatest leaders lives who is still celebrated today, he will go down in history as one of the most hated men in South Africa, he will be compared to the likes of Hitler, Putin and De Kock.

We should let him go, forgive him not just for ourselves but for the future of this nation and let’s not highlight his freedom as a privilege of white supremacy because a group on the internet will.

We are the rainbow nation our past has inspired us to go on despite the pain and the poverty, we may not yet be uhuru (free) but were a lot closer than we were, at least I am.

If i have offended anyone in anyway it was not my intention we know people out here on the world wide web can be sensitive.

Have a good day further.

God Bless.




Mixed in Africa

Mixed in Africa




Shirt – Vintage / Shorts – Mr Price (old stock) / Shoes – Legit / Headscarf – Fochini / Earrings – Mr Price 

Hello my lovely readers

The warm African sun makes me think of all the wonderful, warm, tropical destinations in Africa, with my time spent chasing Government stories it leaves me no time to relinquish my itchy feet and seek after adventure.

Today’s blog post was inspired by my love for prints, textures and Africa. I’m sure by now you’re anticipating today’s content of the many adventurous stories so where do we begin?

As I lay here under the guava tree in my back yard, with the sun fading it dawns on me that there are many roads untraveled, so many places to discover, adventures to seek and stories to be told. I dream of destinations that give me the opportunity to travel far and wide using various modes of transport. I’ve dreamed of quad biking through the Namib Desert, driving through the Serengeti in Kenya and experiencing the best African wildlife has to offer. Riding a camel and learning about Egyptian history or prowling through the many spice filled markets and feasting on various Moroccan treats on offer.

Spying and watching the beauty of the Gorillas that can be found in the Congo’s Amazon Forrest’s, walking the many long, beautiful and clean coastal lines that can be found in Mozambique, Ghana, Mombasa, South Africa and many others. There’s no place I would much rather prefer to discover then all the beauty, secrets and stories Africa has to offer.

My outfit would be perfect for the many destinations I plan of traveling the clash of prints represent the diversity and cultures that Africa has to offer.

Do you have any interesting travel stories? I would love to hear from you.

Peace. Love. God




Jumpsuit – Jet Fashion / Sneakers – Allstars / Handbag – Vintage 

Hey Readers

On my recent trip to Cape Town it was a mad dash to pack as the weather was in between let me pack all my booty shorts (just kidding) and oh hey maybe i should take my coat to the dry cleaners just in case Cape Town decides to be an open wound, i can’t stand unpredictable weather.

So before my trip on my way home i decided to have a look and see what i could buy to take along on my trip i came across this super amazing jumpsuit from Jet Stores the versatility not to mention the quality of the jumpsuit grabbed me.

The great thing about this piece is that i can dress it up or down and for an evening look i can pair it with some nude or black heels and carry a small clutch bag, i just love versatile pieces they work well for my particular lifestyle.

Me being a part Journalist and part fashion ninja and all (LOL).

Tell me what your favorite versatile pieces are ?

Love and light

God Bless

– Vee