Crazy about Yaya

Crazy about Yaya

Images – New York Magazine 
Hello Readers

Sorry for the silence when life gets hectically busy I tend to lose focus and neglect your passions which for me amongst other things is blogging. So my style crush for this week has to be Yaya DaCosta, I mean look at all that hair, the colourful pieces and the fierce poses ohhh girl. She got me snapping my finger as well. She’s posing like the rent is due tomorrow.

What iconic musician does she remind you off? My pick would be Diana Ross

I first caught sight of Yaya from that TV show called Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) after she left the show she blossomed and became a well know face in the natural hair community with various images of her and her afro all over social networks.

She also caused what the media would label as “controversy” when she posed pictures of herself breast feeding her new born baby. Now if you ask there’s nothing controversial about feeding your baby I mean she/he has got to eat right? My opinion.

Back to the editorial these are the kind of images that you can stick up in an art gallery, hotel, restaurant or my future walk in closet (a girl has got to dream right?) the eclectic and colorful background really being out the texture and print in the clothing. When I see these images I instantly thing of Solange Knowles and how she could literally pull off anyone of these looks.

I’m inspired to go bolder and bolder with my fabric and colour choices next time I go shopping or thrifting, I hate boring clothing and this editorial reminds how life is too short to wear beige head to toe (my opinion).

Peace. Love. Happiness

God Bless

– Vee





About a girl

About a girl

iMAGE SLOT .pngHello Readers

This is basically me in words i could go on but i won’t…

Big hair occasionally (not after a wash thou), gap toothed call it what you may but if you must label it, an eruption of awesomeness spewing from my head, a breath of air between my pearly whites. My name means ‘our joy’ so without a doubt you will never catch me without a smile, my smile defines and enhances my many features, it’s an indication of my soul. Bright and beautiful.

My interest are people, we live in a world with too many people don’t care to know about how another suffers in silence. I hope to assistance in uplifting, re-building and re-branding communities around the globe.

Art is my life, it’s a portal that I’ve utilized to escape the jaded reality that is life. Art is the only magic left in this world, I’m learning as many tricks as I can. Creating love and inspiring future generations leaving behind a mark and a legacy letting Art simply be.

I read way too many books I’m afraid I would not have utilized enough of my time to get through every African literature book, Auto Biography of our African Leaders, Charles Dickens novels, C.S Lewis quotes… you catch my drift I love stories.

I love cultures and mine in particular (Xhosa, Swazi… the list is endless) I live for stories and dreams I’m a dreamer and I’m enticed by the people of my country. Africa their innate ability to keep moving with a smile on their faces, despite not knowing what tomorrow holds.

Their beauty the various hues of our skin, their tribal marks which trace down generations of when cultures emerged. Their diversity, their passion to sing and dance to the vibrations that live with in Africa’s people.

We are not defined by poverty but we are birthed into love natured into hope and driven by Grace and Faith. Living with in the world but living for Christ.

I love God He died not just for me but for you so that we may have life and have it abundantly. Being born again is the greatest decision I have made, being led by Christ and allowing Him to work with in me is a journey with many pit stops and realisations along the way. Season after season I will draw closer to you Father.

Thank you for all that he has blessed me with, I’m living proof that my circumstances should never be given the satisfaction of defining who I am as an individual. The sky is my witness, the land is my home, and the world is my portal to many journeys yet to be discovered. The more places I go the more I discover God’s grace and his talent.


God Bless