Hopping into Spring

Hopping into Spring


Dress – Babette Clothing / Watch – The FIX / Beret – Vintage / Shoes – Legit / Bag – Vibes

Hello my wonderful readers, I’ve been so busy and have neglected the blog but don’t despair your girl is back 🙂

I prayed for you every day, hoping that you might come back to me. I would hold a candle in the wind hoping that it would not blow away. Searching through endless streets, sobbing to ‘Cold’s Play – Yellow’. Coming to the realization that you were gone, never having hope that you were coming back.

Flirting with boys who I knew would never win my heart, scribbling letter after letter professing my love. You were gone forever, like an eagle taking flight, the sun after dawn. You were gone and you took my heart and soul and every organ I intensely loved you with.

All I have are memories, your finger prints tracing a map of love on my back, my face, back and lips. A lingering pain in my heart and your scent all over my bedroom.

As you might have seen by my title it’s officially spring in South Africa whoop whoop this also does however mean my hay fever is going to start acting up. What I love about new seasons especially summer and winter, am the beautiful flowers, the longer days and nights and of course bright, bold and beautiful fashion.

About my outfit: I love this dress I bought from Babette Clothing, they have an incredible range of vintage dresses and this till this day this dress is on my top 10 list. The shoes are from Legit and they are super comfortable,I could run a marathon in these shoes, true story.

Till we meet again, God Bless



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