Spotted in Cape Town

Spotted in Cape Town


Jumpsuit – Mr Price / Shoes – Chuck Taylor / Straw Hat – Primark (UK) / Glasses – Flea Market 

Hello Readers

I was not planning of going out but the ladies made me put on my  dancing shoes, so there I am dressed in a little swede skirt, low back top and my silver disco boots because I love to stand out and I refuse to squeeze though thousands of sweaty dancers at Cubana Greenpoint arched high in six inch stilettos, that can miss me.

Being the energetic person that I am with a glass of Coka Cola in my hand and the seductive tunes of Rihanna’s “Work work work work work” pumping in the back ground my hips start to move and me and the ladies are having a whale of a time.

I spot a tall stranger looking at me with the prettiest eyes ever and I look away, his eyes continue to hover over mine we finally make eye contact and it’s really awkward, I ignore him and continue to shake my hips and arch my shoulders back as me and my girl squad are getting lost in the music.

He finally comes over to say hi and offers to buy me a drink… as they say the rest is history.

I just love the fresh ocean breeze the back drop of the gigantic mountains imposing, beautiful, empowering, majestic and free are the words I would use to describe Cape Town.

They always say Paris is good idea can I beg to differ please? Cape Town is the perfect vacation spot a week is simply not enough to prowl through the many pubs and restaurants in Long Street. Drive down the winding roads and take in the breath taking views at  Chapmans Peak Drive, if you have a pretty penny to spare you can have super at the many internationally acclaimed restaurants at the waterfront.

Let’s fall in love in Cape Town during the last remaining days of summer.

Have you been spotted in Cape Town recently please share your stories with me.

Yours in


God Bless

– Vee





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