Tea time antics

Tea time antics


First Post
Top – Mr Price (old stock) / Skirt – Primark (UK) / Shoes – Legit (old stock) / Scarf – Vintage / Bag – Vintage / Belt Mr Price (old stock) / Glasses – Mr Price (old stock)  

Hello readers

Would you care to take a trip down the 40s with me…

You have travelled back into time and you’ve been invited to one of the most prestigious tea time parties, it’s an afternoon do in the summer think back to the Charleston in America during the 40s let’s say it’s 1948.

As you walk past the grand room towards the courtyard your eyes fall on the beautiful fountain right in the centre of the courtyard. There a massive grand piano with classic tunes floating in the air.

It seems so surreal the endless tables of tea time treats, the trays of champagne passing you by, couples waltzing in between you as you laugh at the clown trying to juggle balls on a stick pole.

As you can see I have quite an inventive imagination I really sit and pick my clothing dreaming of scenarios from various era, some say I was born way too late. I simply say it’s never too late to waltz through the fragments of your mind.

All images taken by Christine Visser 

Peace. Love. Happiness

God Bless




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